Sigma 17-50mm EX DC OS HSM

The Sigma 17-50 is a great lens and very sharp. The Sigma 17-50 uses a 77mm thread and comes with a case and shroud which is pretty nifty considering elsewhere you have to purchase the two. The build quality is good but like others have mentioned when you shake the lens there is a rattling inside. I was using the 17-50mm on my Canon 60D before I decided to return the copy.

It sounds a little weird but its definitely there. The construction is solid but not where canon is. This lens is the first one I purchased outside of the current EF-S line and considering the amount spent, I wanted to make sure it was the proper purchase.

The pictures are great and overall I would’ve kept the lens but could not justify it right now.


  • Very sharp photos
  • Fast & Accurate focusing in light


  • Stiff zoom
  • limited focus ring
  • Green hue in night shots

Ultimately, I returned the Sigma because of two factors. The first is that I do not use the 2.8 f stop enough to justify the lens and the green hue. I decided to stick with the 18-135 for now because the focus ring is smoother and the better reach. The 18-135 proved to be more useful in day to day but photowise, I enjoyed the Sigma much more.

I really do like the sigma but when compared to my existing lens right now I can’t see enough of a difference to switch. Perhaps as my skills and eye get better I will notice the difference a bit more but for now. I’m fine with the kit lens.


If you’re not interested in long reach and you’re perfectly fine with the 18-55 lens, this lens is perfect. For me using the 18-135 and the 17-50 was too much of an overlap right now. I needed a single lens I wanted to carry around the majority of time and this was not the one for me right now. This takes excellent pictures but I wanted to get something that would last and provide a positive return on investment.

Instead, I opted for a u flycam ($135)  and a tripod ($150) along with making the decision to purchase Final Cut Pro X ($299). This seems like the better use of the same funds for me rather than opting to have overlapping reach with image quality I cannot yet appreciate. There are still a number of skills I need to learn before getting too deep into lenses. Ultimately, the lens will still be there once I can learn to appreciate it.

Sample Images 17-50


Sample Images 18-135


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