Should I start with Gold or Silver?

The decision to start stacking gold or silver is a complex one. Which one you buy depends on your purpose for stacking. Most mints produce both gold and silver products and typically the more affordable of the two is silver. However, don’t let this fool you. Silver actually carries higher premiums than gold and gold will typically be the more stable purchase. 

Silver has the benefit of costing lower per ounce than the gold ounce. In terms of physical space the current ratio is 67 ounce of Silver to 1 ounce of gold. So depending on your budget you should consider how much can you purchase. If you have a larger budget and not a lot of space and your purpose is to preserve wealth, then gold is the better option. So consider your actuall space limitations and where you intend to store your purchases. Silver can start taking a lot of room very quickly and is also difficult to transport.